by Monoliths.

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released October 29, 2013

Monoliths. are:
Christian - Drums
Brian - Guitar
Kehan - Vocals
Campo - Bass

Mixed & Recorded in August 2013 by Mike Moschetto @ The Office Recording in North Andover, MA.

Mastered by Jack Shirley @ The Atomic Garden.

The quote by Derrick Brown at the beginning of Slit was performed by Patrick Kindlon

Vocals on Distress were provided by Zack Dion.

Artwork by Matthew Wallenstein



all rights reserved


Don't Live Like Me Records Massachusetts

Logo by Juan Gabe

dedicating the label to home movies since xmas 2012

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Track Name: Aurora
looking up at the sky
I see a graveyard of our ancestors
countless lost markings
the stars are silent tonight
so many lost
in time
so many forgotten
countless tombs
and numberless graves
we are the ghosts of long dead suns
Track Name: Distress
Track Name: Nocturne
a nightmare that plagues me
my hands soaked in blood
my own mind betrays me
her faith comes undone

no escaping from this dream
a secret agenda becomes me
the man in white
will set me free
the solution is a sedative
the dreams will leave me be

a darkness engulfs me
a much needed abyss
dreamless slumber
awaits me
the crime scene
I wont miss

she longer feels hurt


fuck the abyss
now comes horror
in the morning
I have dread
the place where I loved her
is now where she's fucking dead
the medication
has allowed

to take over my body, and put her in the fucking ground

trial by jury
hate filled eyes
no rest for
the killer
no rest for
the killer
un be lieveable lies

life wasted in prison
this cell
and this curse of mine
locked away
fuck this life

another waste burned in
another waste burned in
burned in time
burned in time
another waste burned in time

the nightmare continues

no more sleep
no more death
no more sleep
no more fucking death
Track Name: Slit
"The red washing down the bathtub, can't change the color of the sea at all"
-Derrick Brown

the choices I make
are the ones that i fear
because every single time
i lose someone dear

this razor looks so delicious
how it would
run across my wrist
so violent
so malicious
how slow
how painful
how deserving

there is nothing to this
such a waste of space
with no one to remember
such a regretful face
there is no god
there is no place
where everybody is happy
with their slaving grace
you are all making a mistake
the ground is our home
and no matter what path we take

all roads lead to rome

go home
Track Name: Tar
i am sick of the way that you are
how you split your words like black tar
i am sick of the way that you are
get your hell out of here
get it out
Track Name: Abuse
decayed, aged, and obscene
you fucking waste
of a human being
buried under so many broken feelings
you are worthless, you are weak,
you are the reason that god does not speak

on your feet old man
the time has come
your day of reckoning
has just begun

you took my time
ill take your life
you hollow drunk
prepare for your plight

smash smash
skin stretched over broken glass
slash slash
your throat an open gash
crash crash
your life comes down

I hear you bending and breaking beneath me


you bastard

smash smash
skin stretched over broken glass
slash slash
your throat an open gash
crash crash
your life comes down

Track Name: Perihelion
until next time