Discography (TW: riffs)

by Wounded Knee

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Limited to 50 CD's w/ DVD cases

Songs 1-3 are from the 4-Way split with Coma Regalia, Locktender, and Oaken
Song 4 is from the "My Endless Minutes Compilation II"
Songs 5-9 are from the Bay Of Dead Pigs split with Air Hockey
Songs 10-12 are from the split 7" with Monoliths.


released August 9, 2014

Wounded Knee is Tim, Jake, Kai, Chris, and Jarrod

Guitar on 1-3 : Shawn Ayala
Guitar on 4 : Jordan Martich
Guitar on 5-9 : Jordan Martich & Dave Hoffman
Guitar on 10-12 : Jordan Martich & Chris Nelson




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Don't Live Like Me Records Massachusetts

Logo by Juan Gabe

dedicating the label to home movies since xmas 2012

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Track Name: Bath Salts
We are just vessels rotting under the moon. The men inside have long been dead. Now our bodies lie motionless in the cold, waiting for the hint of a spark. Waiting for something to breathe life into these once colorful walls. So we may run through these streets like children. Like we are not afraid of what is around the corner. We are not afraid.
Track Name: Krokodil
Even when I sleep, I'm talking through my teeth. And when these lights come on, these girls can barely see. Although my head is raised, my eyes avert their gaze. Because I know what they don't. I know what they never will. I know how this will end. My back will be turned, and you'll be shaking like a child in the rain. My conscience will be clear, and you'll become nothing to me once again. I know what they don't.
Track Name: Sitting Bull
I awoke and held my breath. I thought that maybe if I didn't speak, you wouldn't wake and see my morning skin. In that light, my confident hands tremble and my arrogant eyes gaze low. Because you need perfection, and I need protection from myself and these distractions. Distance is golden. Distance is safe. Distance is everything.
Track Name: Kitten Blender
christ, i hate what i've become. i never wanted to be set in my ways. but there is no greater truth. wake. work. fuck. sleep. we die a shell of what we were born. accept what is concrete. deny what you can't see.
Track Name: Balsamic Fundamentalist
build your monuments. cut your ribbons. exalt the privileged. silence the victims. we mask the truth and waltz with lies. look at the facts through blind mens' eyes. when will we finally carry a torch. and who will be the ones to light it? no matter what they tell you, we only have this once. you will be judge for your actions. not by god, but by time itself.
Track Name: Born-Again Boner Gobbler
the path behind me is strewn with broken dreams of broken girls who have since become women. lying to themselves and their lovers. feigned content is the highest form of self-corruption. you are all already dead.
Track Name: Dank Rearden
if he wasn't watching, if it was just you and i, and the trees, and the ground, and the sky. i think you know the answer, and i know the truth. (i know the fucking truth). i think it's why you're still standing here. (with the trees, the ground, the sky, and me). and these birds, that will never stop singing, because this will never truly end. i know, i know, i know.
Track Name: James Lighter
nauseous, light-headed. broken and hopeless. is this what we've been chasing? aimless but hopeful. faithful but desolate. cautious but self-destructing. we contradict ourselves on our own terms. we live like thieves, but we'll die like kings.
Track Name: Bay Of Dead Pigs
i hadn't dreamt in years, or maybe i just never really slept. now my subconscious dances through the moments i enjoyed, and begs for those i never will. my pride, it gets in the way when i'm awake. and fear keeps me from learning through my mistakes. when i was young, i used to pray for visionless sleep. now i never pray and only see you in my dreams. and i don't know if god exists, but if he does he's a spiteful mother fucker. he twists my arms and pulls my legs, and my limbs used to be the only things i could trust. now all i have is my mind. but the white pills and white wine make it hard to stay between the white lines. and i may be self-addicted, but at least i'm self-aware. please, haunt me tonight while i sleep away the latest trends. the love and hate i felt for you, it breaks, but never bends. submit my pride, my ego has died, so please live inside, of my head tonight. my limbs, my limbs, i trusted you.
Track Name: Roads With No Names
walk these roads, these desolate plains,
my mind wanders, skin stays the same.
weak need shelter, forged by the strong.
but i never asked for this.
i never said i'd be your fucking god.
Track Name: Nature Of Man
there is a reason i have thrived, and its not because i am brave,
there is no honor, just conquering of slaves; and the hope that i'll die soon, i'm tired of surviving.
the only thing that separates you and i is brutal, rational truth.
the only reason nature bows to us is brutal, rational truth.
(the reason nature bows to us is brutal and mysterious)
i always thought i'd live forever, but that was in my youth.
now i know i'll live forever, but died inside of you.
Track Name: Carcosa
i guess that i was born this way, i became of product of my environment; complacent and submissive.
but give a wolf three walls, and he'll eat his own child to escape being trapped.
i was deaf to their cires for mercy.
but at least i'll go on; living, losing searching.
when the world turns upside down, a pawn becomes a king.