King Of The Lapiths

by Sømerset




For years, sounds of the righteous and the pursuit of justifiable aggression have converged and caved into singular points of space and time. These singular points can take the shape in the form of music. In this instance, the aggression is located in Münster, Germany. There, a band by the name of Sømerset have created a well-crafted catalyst that soothes the fires of those who feel ignored, labeled, and disregarded just by merely existing.

With their newest and unfortunately final effort, ‘King of the Lapiths’ emerges from beneath a sea of intensity and drives an unstoppable nature that all aggressive bands dream of achieving. A pair of raw knuckles crushing into the jaw of an entitled alpha male seems to be a real proper description for these extreme and emotional tracks. The world has problems that only bands like Sømerset can properly summarize and convey without sugarcoating the truth. Perspectives that can only be seen by those who face the seemingly incurable and most abhorrent aspects of the brutal human condition. Overwhelming hatred and bigotry permeates so much of the human race. All due to those who feel privileged and above other. Those who do not struggle on a daily basis just by existing will not understand this record. It is only through the passion and determination of these musicians that we can even begin to grasp the concepts of oppression, respect, and how the world should me. Judgment free and non-biased. Let Sømerset guide you with ‘King of the Lapiths’. A much-needed journey required by any/all fans of aggressive music.


released April 6, 2016

Daniel - Drums
Nadine - Vocals
Marvin - Guitar, Vocals
Michael - Bass

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Fabian at Machines of Sleep Studio Cuxhaven



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Ixion
I'm so sick of you telling me who to be
no air no words no change

getting labelled everyday
again again again

you open your fucking mouth
i feel like choking

do you ever sicken yourself?

I'm sick of

your words are like a rope
wrapping around my neck
too tired to fight against
nothing changes anyway

Keine Luft
Keine Worte
Keine Erinnerung

Just you and me between tears and thoughts
stop acting like an asshole
start valuing the things you have

nothing will change anyway