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released May 12, 2015

All songs by Samuelito Cruz / Toner
Album cover by Wayne Horse
Recorded at Vile Kross in Newark, CA by Samuelito Cruz & Ant Boyd
Mixed & Mastered by Ant Boyd

Drums, Vocals, Guitars - Samuelito Cruz
Bass - Kennan Choy



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Track Name: That's Fine
Can you hear me calling? It's so damn early
so I'll sit & wait up for you.
Do you think about me? & I know you're busy
it's okay, I'm nothing.
So I'll sit alone & bury myself again.

& I've been so stuck on everything that doesn't matter.

Can you hear me calling? It's so damn early
I think I'll head back to sleep.
My head is pounding, you can hear me shouting.
I can feel the swelling & aching, I'm drowning without you...
Track Name: Concentrator
Been feeling different, feeling distant, feeling nothing.
It's been a month like this.
I start reflecting, start neglecting, I'm upsetting myself again.
Do you wonder? Do you ponder on the things that make you feel sick?
My stomach's aching, hands are shaking, I'll be sleeping on your floor tonight.
Track Name: West End
Take a look, feel the cold world surrounding me painting pictures of suburban imagery.
Who I was, where am I? I can't recall those times

I know that i'm moving & leaving if I don't get out we're both suffering.
It's time that i'm moving & leaving if I don't get i'm suffering or am i getting old.

Just let me breathe, it's time I leave..
Track Name: Bed Drowner
Puzzling pieces together, stumbling through words we didn't speak
& I've been thinking of you, dreaming of you.
Do you drown alone in bed at night because I do. Do you…

Never feeling quite myself,
no one to turn to for help

So tell me & prove me wrong
because I can't take another let down.

Burning up in summer heat,
the warmth of the concrete.

Remember? I'll see you then. Remember?

I'm waiting by myself, always waiting for you.

So tell me & prove me wrong
because I can't take another let down.

I wait for you, I dream of you.
I wake every lonely night, I fall asleep to the whispered fright
Track Name: Bedroom Floor
Did you see straight through my skin the night you stared at me?
I'm all alone drunk in my room thinking about it.
& sometimes the pain it hurts so good that we'll see right through.
Blinded by a sense of security in you & me.

I'm nothing, I'm no one.

Are we awake? Are we happy yet?
When you wake I'll be asleep on your bedroom floor.
Track Name: High & Dry
We're all so tired of living & breathing when everyday's the same it gets deceiving.
& while you're waiting you will fall in & you'll get left down & left out.

Patience hasn't done much & I don't believe in good luck.

Isolation in every room, the silence kills the echoes from you
& I don't dream much anymore but I sleep all day
I'm such a bore & I hate it because I don't wanna face it.

Patience hasn't done much & I don't believe in good luck because
nothing has changed all I hear is your name when I lay my head down to sleep.
I know you're sitting at home while I'm stoned & alone as I'm heading back to sleep.
Track Name: Gushue
How've you been doing? It's been quite some time..
Twenty two years too young, I'm still hurting inside.
I never said my goodbyes & that's what eats me alive.

November has never felt this damn cold, I wish you didn't have to go away.
Track Name: Headsick
Home alone where time is spent again.

But when I call it's useless, I'll be on the way but it's pointless.
We'll stare across the room, exchanging our solitude.
So i'm waiting & this time i'll be around, are you coming?
I'll be on the couch staring at the blank white walls falling back into my sleep.
I could stare at you at all day until my eyes start to bleed.
Track Name: Shoot It Up
It's been so long I can't remember your face or who you are now.
Do you know where your son is? I know you choke & cringe in your sleep.

Hours deep in an empty garage, so shoot it up, sink low & sink deep.
In memory of me…

because when I wake I know i'm fucked for life.
Living, suffering from mistakes of your time
I am angry, I am sick in my bones.
Does it eat away inside of yours?

The curse settles down on me.