The Sky Above And Earth Below / Mahria 7"

by Don't Live Like Me Records




Two of the best fucking emotive hardcore bands to have ever existed. Expelling their final breathes through a split seven inch. It's not often two musical impressions like this are able to be eulogized permanently together within a release. However, in this case, it's exactly that. This 7" is a rarity that does not occur often. Don't miss out on this gorgeous work of art.


released June 2, 2016

From Portland, OR,
The Sky Above And Earth Below are:
Millie Reda - Guitar, Vocals
Reid Stubblefield - Bass, Vocals
Sam Pape - Drums, Vocals

From Edmonton, AB,
Mahria are:
Corby Burnett - Vocals
Durell Smith - Drums
Mike Wagner - Guitar
Paul Maas - Guitar
Stacy Burnett - Bass



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Track Name: The Sky Above And Earth Below - Disenchanted
love has nothing to do with it. my love cannot be moved. it's a betrayal of respect, to give someone so much to look up to and with one small flame melt it to the concrete. no, my love doesn't move. what i lose the most of is inspiration; i can never let myself be inspired by another. everyone will fail. i can find it only within myself. i'm sick to my stomach because of the way this world makes us. chalk it up to appetite, but this world breaks my heart. still my love doesn't move.